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The Montford Point Marines are a pioneering group of African American men who were the first to enlist in the United States Marine Corps, following President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Executive Order which established the Fair Employment Practices Commission.  Training at the segregated training facility known as Montford Point Camp in Jacksonville, NC, from August 26, 1942 until the Camp was decommissioned on September 9, 1949, these men valiantly broke through racial barriers, displaying extraordinary courage and determination. 

Their service not only showcased their unwavering commitment to the nation but also catalyzed the desegregation of the U.S. Armed Forces. Their profound impact on military and American history laid the foundations for a more inclusive armed service, marking a pivotal chapter in the story of racial equality in the United States. 

The largest number of black Marines to serve in combat during WW II took part in the seizure of Okinawa, with approximately 2,000 seeing action.


Check out the following topics for information on how you can become more involved with the Association.  Without the assistance of community minded individuals just like you, we would not be able to serve those in our community each year

Our America: Mission Montford Point

The legacy of the Montford Point Marines has been a largely hidden story and it is our responsibility to amplify the voices of these heroes while attempting to right a historic wrong,” Porsha Grant, ABC’s Race and Culture executive producer, said in a release.

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Johnny Higdon

Johnny Higdon

Words From The President

I extend a warm greeting to all visitors and supporters to our website. We honor the remarkable legacy of the first African American Marines who overcame adversity to serve their country. Atlanta Chapter 5 actively engages in community outreach, educational initiatives, and commemorative events to honor their sacrifices. Join us in preserving their stories, promoting equality, and inspiring future generations. Explore our initiatives, events, and community outreach programs. Learn about the significant contributions of the Montford Point Marines and how you can get involved. Stay connected through our social media and newsletters for updates on upcoming events. Together, let us honor and remember these courageous men who shaped history and paved the way for future generations. Thank you for visiting our site and for supporting our mission to preserve the legacy of these courageous trailblazers who shaped the military as we know it today. Semper Fi



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ional Montford Point Marine Association, Inc. Atlanta Chapter 5

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National Montford Point Marine Association, Inc. Atlanta Chapter 5

PO Box 7601

Marietta, GA 30065

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